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What are some of the Major Milestones of a Civil Case?


First of all, you meet with your legal team. We gather information and the facts of the case from you.  We determine what your goal is and what will be the path to achieve that goal.  We also research the appropriate statutory law and case law to determine the strengths of your case and prepare for any possible attacks.


Once a decision is made to file a lawsuit, then we must serve the partiesto sued.


State and Federal guidelines determine how long the opposing side must file an answer.  For example, if it is a federal lawsuit like an employment case or police misconduct case, then they have 60 days to answer.


Once that lawsuit is filed you have an initial case conference, often at this time, dates are set-up all the way up to the trial.  During this phase discovery and interrogatories commence.


Requests for production of documents and requests for admissions commence, these requests often require one to answer within 30 days. Information requested often includes:preliminary information to both parties where did you live, where did you work, what is your medical condition and etc. In a federal case, there is a status conference where the parties meet exchange some documents voluntarily.


After that process is over in both a federal and state claims you take what is called depositions, often times the first person that is deposed is the plaintiff. The process includes you sitting in a room where a lawyer(s) asks you questions, and a court reporter transcribes andrecords you under oath.

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After the deposition process is over that is when you usually get a trial date, and you are off to trial at any time from that date. From the time you go to see your attorney, all the way up through the trial the case can be settled. Sometimes it could be settled and worked out; sometimes the case is dismissed sometimes the facts fall apart for one or both parties sometimes. You think you have a good case and it falls apart. Sometimes you think your case is a little weak and it gets better.


Court normally refers most civil matters to mediation. Mediation is a procedure in which the parties discuss their disputes with the assistance of a trained impartial third person(s) who assists them in reaching a settlement. It may be an informal meeting among the parties or a scheduled settlement conference. The dispute may either be pending in a court or potentially a dispute which may be filed in court. If mediation fails, trial will likely commence.



In the United States, the trial is themethod for resolving legal disputes that parties cannot settle by themselves or through less formal methods, like mediation. The chief purpose of a trial is to secure fair and impartial administration of justice between the parties to the action. A trial seeks to ascertain the truth of the matters in issue between the parties and to apply the law to those matters. Also, a trial provides a final legal determination of the dispute between the parties. Trials can be expensive and cause a lot of anxiety.  But with our experienced and compassionate legal team, we will fight the battles to win the war, allowing you to lay your burden on our shoulders.



The process of civil lawsuits can be dauting.  Each case has a unique set of fact, it is imperative that owe speak to each client during a free consultation to determine what happened, learn about how this case has affected them and help our client determine their goals.  Thus, we offer a free consultation, where we can discuss your goals and help you create a plan to protect your assets and ensure your needs are met.  FREE CONSULTATION:  TEXT:  LAWHELP to 31996.


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