Laurie Bernardez

Operations Manager, Blue Line Law Firm

On the surface, Lauriann D. Bernardez is an accomplished Legal Assistant with over 16 years of experience in support and Law industry. Lauriann career goals were fulfilled when her love of the law and her love for helping people finally came together as she started with Blue Line Law Firm. Lauriann started with Blue Line Law Firm, full-time, and her duties are to communicate directly with the attorneys, train new hires, billing, assisting with office decisions, check & delegate emails daily, answer phone calls, & schedule apappointments. She’s so efficient at her job that she considers herself a “legal whisperer”. Lauriann prepares and processes legal documents such as motions, complaints, summons, subpoenas, discovery, and disclosure of experts. Lauriann assists the attorneys in their trial preparation and organization and files documents with the Superior and Federal Courts. As the team prepares for litigation and eventually trial, it is her job to prepare records binders, expense binders, arbitration books, trial binders, and other related books. She also schedules depositions. However, the truly most enjoyable part of her job is communicating with the clients. Helping to explain things to them and answer their questions gives her a great sense of fulfillment. She also finds it important to simply provide a sympathetic ear when a client is scared or worried. Lauriann’s past work experience has helped enhance her personal skills and enabled her to work well with different generations and people from all walks of life. She is patient, receptive, observant, and respectful. Her attention to detail allows her to juggle many tasks at the same time and not get flustered. Lauriann is also very enthusiastic and encouraging, with an incredible work ethic, due to which she is a valuable member of the Blue Line Law Firm family. Lauriann was born in New York City, where her family still lives. She loves traveling, hiking, baking, and exploring restaurants all over New York. She is fluent in English Language. Lauriann studied at Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School for High School Diploma back in April 2004. After that, she went to The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 2004. Lauriann then enrolled herself at Everest University degree program in Information Technology back in 2008, she was unable to continue due to some personal issues. She plays very important roles in a law firm and in the light of this, Lauriann can conduct legal research, drafts documents, emails, and signatures for lawyers when they’re unable to. Overall, she is responsible for supporting lawyers and making their job easier by handling administrative tasks, also effective at persuading and influencing high-ranking individuals inside the company. Her opinions are highly valued, colleagues trust and respect her judgments. Lauriann has a lot of significant professional experience as a Legal Assistant. She created several methods to help her company evaluate operational requirements more accurately and improve the forecasting of decision making, also monitors and assesses the performance of other employees. In the past, Lauriann gained experience in the customer service industry. She is very familiar with technical support by using her knowledge about Information Technology. So, in short, she is an all-round performer and able to manage her tasks in a professional way while using her knowledge. Moreover, Lauriann has excellent writing skills, communication, listening abilities, and computer knowledge. Researching cases is essential for legal assistants who want their work done quickly while still being thorough. Lauriann’s long-term goal is to become a paralegal in the law industry. She wants to use her untiring commitment and drive to bring more dignity and autonomy to the higher-ups of the company by providing proper support while doing important research and wants to engage more with influential decision-makers inside the company and thought leaders in international law policy. Lauriann is open to challenges, conversations, and an exchange of ideas from the top players in the law industry.

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